"Bexen came into Yoga looking for a way to improve his posture in meditation but he quickly fell in love with the Ashtanga method and developed a daily practice. Wanting to deepen his connection with Yoga, he moved to Mysore, India, to study under the guidance of Yogacharya Vijay Kumar and eventually became one of his assistant teachers. During his ti... read more
Parnella Rayappan (Guest Ayurveda Tearcher)





Ayurveda Foundation Teacher, Therapist, and Trainer

Parnella left the corporate world in search of her life’s purpose. She has always wanted to help people but never thought that would lead her down the path of holistic healing through Ayurveda & Yoga. She found her purpose when she enrolled in the Ayurveda Therapist Foundation Course. She then co... read more

Remy Trouche

Back in 2008, Remy found himself so stiff from running marathons but that changed when he experienced a free yoga session prior to a marathon in Califonia. It was a great complement to marathon running. Yoga progressively turned into something much deeper as the journey followed its course.

A few years ago, he left a career in electronics engineering and busines... read more

Ingelin Parlina


As a chef, Inge finds love and patience to create a beautiful and tasty plate of food. As a yoga teacher, Inge curates the class to allow each student to feel & have a taste of their body. Our body is our temple, if we nourish it with tender loving care through yoga it will flourish like a beautiful flower. Inge practices Gokul yoga and all types of yoga as she is still exploring and thinks yoga... read more

Min Yi


Growing up as a kid, physical exercise was initially not part of Min Yi ‘s lifestyle. However she steadily progressed from hiking to the discovery of martial arts, first Muay Thai, then moved on to Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Finally practiced powerlifting. There was not a day without some form of workout since. The hectic yet mostly sedentary off... read more

Dwi siswianti

You will not miss her when she is around the corner, her voice & laughter always fills the room but don't be fooled. Dwi's class is challenging and she is firm but there are always options and fun for all levels of students. Dwi is a very experienced teacher and she approaches her teaching based on her own practice. Dwi practices Ashtanga, and she pract... read more