Remy Trouche

Back in 2008, Remy found himself so stiff from running marathons but that changed when he experienced a free yoga session prior to a marathon in Califonia. It was a great complement to marathon running. Yoga progressively turned into something much deeper as the journey followed its course.

A few years ago, he left a career in electronics engineering and business to dedicate himself to the study of yoga, and share his learnings with others. In 2017, he attended a yoga intensive course in Spain with modern master Simon Borg Olivier to study Yoga Synergy, a practice that finds its roots in traditional yoga as well as chinese internal martial arts Qi Qong and Tai Chi.

Yoga Synergy deeply changed his approach to a mindful practice, where firmess, calmness, awareness, and a meditative state co-exist. Remy completed his teacher training with Simon the following year. Over the years, Remy was lucky to learn with many other amazing teachers, including Bhanu Singh (Iyengar yoga).

Yoga Synergy is very unique, suitable for everyone, and may provide the most accessible way to experience the state of yoga.

If you are curious to know more about Remy’s classes, come join him on the mat. His classes are on Monday:

630 - 730 pm Synergy Yoga
745 - 845 pm Hatha with props