Parnella Rayappan (Guest Ayurveda Tearcher)





Ayurveda Foundation Teacher, Therapist, and Trainer

Parnella left the corporate world in search of her life’s purpose. She has always wanted to help people but never thought that would lead her down the path of holistic healing through Ayurveda & Yoga. She found her purpose when she enrolled in the Ayurveda Therapist Foundation Course. She then continued her studies in Ayurveda by pursuing the Ayurveda Therapist Training Course (500hrs) which allowed her to gain extensive knowledge and experience in the holistic sciences. Apart from taking care of patients, students and teaching the foundation classes, she also volunteers with animal shelters, helping low-income families and at-risk youth.

She is teaching Foundation Ayurveda for our Yoga teacher training and Ayurveda masterclass/workshop related.